• Inspired or Not, Here You Come!

     “Leadership is about influence and inspiration.” – Everyone Who Knows Anything   Who has the most influence on the mood in your workplace? If you’re part of the leadership – formal or informal – you do. Especially if your mood reveals your anxieties about the organization or job security, or your lack of compassion for those struggling to meet your expectations. Hmph.

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  • Leadership Development – What a Waste!?

    There’s been a lot of clamor lately about companies wasting their leadership development dollars. Many do, but that doesn’t mean leadership development is a waste of money. The simple truth is: if you’re not getting the bang for your buck, it’s because you’re doing it wrong. I’ve got the stick for a minute.

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  • Stop Managing Your Talent

    You’re making them leave! Finding and keeping talented employees is at or near the top of nearly every senior leadership survey I’ve seen lately. Seems like the time is right for the talent management gurus to show off their stuff and make a bundle – which would be a huge waste of your money. Why? Well, guess what leaders? Your talent doesn’t want to be managed any more than you do.