14 November 2017 0 Comments Category: Uncategorized


The Beatles had it right:

“Help! I need somebody.

Help! Not just anybody.

Help! You know I need someone, help!”

The conversation starts with: “Can I do something to help?”

And the reply is usually: “No thanks; I’ve got it.”

Sound familiar? At the office? At home? Yes, that short conversation takes place millions of times every day across this country in the workplace, in stores, in the kitchen, between co-workers, bosses and employees (both directions), spouses, and parents and their children – basically anywhere two people are interested in a particular outcome.

In the workplace, we certainly don’t expect our employees to know everything. Yet because many of them think and feel like we expect it, they’re hesitant to ask questions. And as leaders, we get frustrated with team members who wait until the last minute to ask for help – or don’t ask for help at all – and things go to hell in a handbasket.

What makes us think it’s any different for our boss? It’s not.