• Best Boss Ever!

    – Back to leadership basics in 2022 Why did 2021 leave us with so many work environment leadership challenges that none of us saw coming at the beginning of 2020? We’re struggling to manage a blended (at home / at the office) workforce and either losing workers as part of the Great Resignation (yeah, that was predictable) or trying to entice talent we let go during the pandemic to come back to our company. That’s what most of us are facing in 2022. What worked in 2019 didn’t work in 2020. What worked in 2020 didn’t work in 2021. What in the world can me make work in 2022? The…

  • Competition vs Collaboration

    – “Can we all get along?” Rodney King III Is your performance management system identifying your organization’s best leaders or it’s best doers? Are they being rewarded for their individual performance, or are they being recognized for how successful they’re making their team? Do they get ahead by being competitive and striving to be the best, or do you value and promote those who collaborate and strive to make the company its best? I’ve got the stick for a minute.

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  • Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

    Several years ago, my sister gave me a book about how to deal with the controlling perfectionists in our lives. She said I might benefit from an impartial description of — get this — me. Ouch. Okay, so I only had two standards: perfect and unacceptable. That didn’t make me a bad person did it?

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  • Leadership Development – What a Waste!?

    There’s been a lot of clamor lately about companies wasting their leadership development dollars. Many do, but that doesn’t mean leadership development is a waste of money. The simple truth is: if you’re not getting the bang for your buck, it’s because you’re doing it wrong. I’ve got the stick for a minute.

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  • Stop Managing Your Talent

    You’re making them leave! Finding and keeping talented employees is at or near the top of nearly every senior leadership survey I’ve seen lately. Seems like the time is right for the talent management gurus to show off their stuff and make a bundle – which would be a huge waste of your money. Why? Well, guess what leaders? Your talent doesn’t want to be managed any more than you do.