• It Is What It Is

                –But what is it?  I looked up from my desk the other day and noticed (again) a retirement present from a good friend and co-worker that says, “It is what it is.” Too often, I hear that phrase uttered in a tone of voice that conveys resignation to an unpleasant situation or acceptance of defeat. It doesn’t have to be.

  • Boss, We’ve Got a Problem

         —now’s not a good time to overreact! Leaders must be intentional about creating a culture where employees aren’t afraid to identify situations that need correcting and where they feel empowered to suggest improvements.  That kind of climate doesn’t develop by accident, especially in an operating environment that can be a little (or a lot) chaotic from time to time. An inexperienced pilot, unable to diagnose a complex engine malfunction, offered this solution to the problem:  “I’ll let it run until it’s on fire, because I know what to do for a fire.” I’ve worked for bosses like that.

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